How we started...


Hisham Lalmy -37, born in Austria and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - started his career in the automotive industry with brands that appeal to the imagination such as BMW, Lexus and Porsche. In 2012 he jumped over to the yachting industry where he has developed his experience and knowledge about 'Customer Care' with Dutch yacht builder Wajer Yachts over the past 10 years building on a After-Sales service program that sets the bar for the industry; 'Wajer Care - Without a worry '. Delivering true Care on a personal level with an eye for the smallest of details is best to describe Hisham. Hisham says; "True Care is about passion, dedication and always being prepared to go the extra mile. In the end it's simple; we all just want the best. Same goes for service. Thats why I have started Lalmy Care. Together with Lars, Evelyne, Gideon, Teus and the operational team we truly Care. With a capital "C". May I invite you to grant yourself our Care?

Once upon a time... 

The way of offering Care at Lalmy Care was founded on the understanding that many Villa and Yacht lack a reliable company or point of contact to help them with everything related to and around their property. Someone who is knowledgeable about the area, provides a great service, delivers high quality, is punctual and takes Care of every detail. Aspects like sheets made up properly, a bottle of wine cooled in the fridge, the storage filled with food and drinks of their preference and the air conditioning or heating on. But also someone who gives advice on unknown treasures in the area, checks the property on a regular basis , installs or improves your electronic devices or ensures the safety when the alarm is set off. But also beyond your property, we offer broad services. How about a boat charter, chef, airport pick up,  massage or nanny service. 


Actually the lack of a hotel experience in your own home but which, thanks to our way of delivering Care, is a thing of the past.

We want you to make the most of your time at your Villa or Yacht along the Côte d'Azur, focusing on enjoyment rather than worries!




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