We provide tailor-made services through our Yacht Care subscriptions for the needs of you and your yacht for a peace of mind during the entire year. Whether it is Summer or Winter, our dedicated crew makes sure your yacht is well taken Care of.


As an owner, you don't want to bother about the hassle that comes with owning a yacht. With our service, we take Care of the less enjoyable aspects such as cleaning, maintenance, storage, and administrative tasks, so you can focus on the most enjoying part of having a yacht, namely sailing and enjoying time out on the water.


We currently offer our services in the Bay of Saint-Tropez and the Bay of Cannes.

Is your yacht located elsewhere? Please get in touch here to see whether we can provide our services for you.


During the summer season we can provide your yacht with the well-deserved Care through our Summer Custom or Summer Complete subscriptions. With these two options you can choose which Care suits you best.

See below the services included as a standard in both our subscriptions:

  • Preparing your boat for each cruise
  • De-salting your boat after each cruise

  • A full fridge
  • A full water tank 
  • A filled fuel tank 
  • Assistance with finding a berth 
  • Technical support and service 
  • Availability of a captain and hostess/host

  • Stormcheck in case of heavy weather conditions 
  • Transport assistance to and from the Côte d’Azur
  • And much more services...

Summer Custom

Is your seasonal boating schedule less intensive and therefore you are looking for flexible Care of your yacht? Then the Summer Custom subscription is the ideal formula for you.

Summer Complete

Do you want to cruise frequently and always enjoy your yacht Carefree

With the Summer Complete subscription, we take Care of your yacht the entire season with an unlimited amount of cleaning services!


Even in the winter your yacht needs the well-deserved Tender Loving Care to be completely operational for the following sailing season.

We can make this happen through two options. Winter in Water or Winter in Storage. Where you can, once again, choose your preferred subscription.

See below the services included as a standard in both our subscriptions:

  • Winter storage or winter berthing
  • Annual engine and general system maintenance 
  • Spot and damage repair 
  • Polishing and deep cleaning 
  • Upgrades and refits
  • Antifouling
  • Resolve warranty items

Winter Custom

Winter Complete

Since winter days are not as cold as before, it is increasingly common and also possible to leave your boat in the water. Would you also like to be able to enjoy your boat for longer and outside the summer season?

Even in winter, your boat needs the well-deserved Tender Loving Care. For this, we are of course happy to provide a tailor-made quote.

For advice or a complete overview of the services offered in our Winter subscriptions, feel free to contact us.

Does our Yacht Care proposition sound like music to your ears, but are you looking for a similar service for your Villa? On this page, we describe our unique Villa Care proposition. In this way, we can act as a single point of contact for your villa and yacht.


We have a team based in the Bay of Saint-Tropez and in the Bay of Cannes.

Feel free to stop by at one of our Clubhouses to chat about our Care possibilities.


What is the difference between the Summer Custom and Summer Complete subscription?

With the Custom subscription you pay per cleaning of your yacht, whereas with the Complete subscription an unlimited amount of cleaning of your yacht is included.

Which nationalities do you manage yachts for?

We deliver our Care for various nationalities as long as the communication is going well. If there are language barriers, it becomes challenging to stand ‘next’ to the owner. Effective communication remains essential for transparent collaboration and exceeding expectations.

What do you do in the offseason?

During the winter season, we continue our weekly checks to monitor your yacht at its berth. Even in the offseason, you're welcome to visit of course, and we'll ensure your yacht is ready and fully operational for your stay. This time also allows for reflection and self-improvement, aiming to improve both ourselves and the service to maintain and exceed the desired quality.

What types of yachts do you manage?

Mostly day-boats from 30 - 60 feet with different layouts and set-ups. Are you looking for permanent crew for your larger yacht? We can also arrange permanent crew for larger yachts. If you have a rib and are interested in our Care for this rib, we also provide this!

I am interested in buying a yacht, could you help?

With our extensive network and knowledge, we can assist you finding a new or used yacht that meets your needs. Also, through this network, we usually already know a yacht is going to be for sale before it has actually hit the market. This can be very interesting due to lower commission rates of multiple parties involved. Let us know what you are looking for and we can guide you along the search of your new yacht.

What if I want to charter my yacht?

We are more than happy to welcome your yacht in our Charter Fleet. We take control of all operational and administrative aspects and make sure you have nothing to worry about. As we have a large charter customer base along the Côte d’Azur, chartering your yacht is one of the best ways to lower your yearly running costs. It is not unrealistic that this could even cover the fixed expenses of your yacht. Additionally, it is actually better for the yacht to be used than to lie idle for a long time. By renting out the yacht, it is still used regularly. Last but not least, we will always inform you once we get a charter request and make sure your personal use is always our main priority.


Are you interested in our Yacht Care brochure or do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact us for more information.