Actually, owning a villa is like a journey with highs and lows. These lows, such as worries about having one or multiple villas across different countries, are aspects we want to minimize, while maximize the highs.


Our goal is to ensure that you derive more enjoyment from owning and using your villa. We achieve this by standing beside you during this journey.

By experiencing this journey together, we gain deeper insights into the owner’s preferences, enabling us to more accurately fulfill their desires. Simultaneously, this allows us to anticipate and act proactively, resulting in an even higher level of Care for the owner.


Our Care provides services to meet as many of the owner's needs as possible. This is what we call our 'Care' which we will explain briefly.


Our 'Care' acts as your villa manager, handling everything in and around the villa while you're away or present. This includes activities such as coordinating our/your gardener or ensuring a stocked fridge with your favorite cheese and other products. But the Care is also perceived as a Personal Assistant (PA) kind of service where we make reservations at your preferred restaurants or manage villa and transportation-related administration. Additionally, it involves technical management, ensuring the villa is maintained by our 'preferred suppliers' during the offseason to keep the villa in optimal condition.


Why have we merged these three traditional services into our Care? To create a hotel kind of experience in and around your own villa, worry-free. Because who would not want to enjoy life without any concerns regarding their villa?


How the activities of our annual Care can be separated into 4 pillars:


1. Our weekly monitoring activities while the owner is absent

Monitoring is a critical task for us as it allows identifying any unusual aspects in or around the villa. Resolving these issues while the owner does not experience these problems is crucial. This is a main pillar for annual Care for which the subscription is based on the amount of m2 of the villa(s).

Some of the aspects we monitor and report the findings to the owner:


A. Performing weekly checks in- and outside the villa:

  • Visual inspection for leaks in the ground, walls, and ceilings
  • Check for strange smells
  • Check the gas, electricity, and water meters
  • Monitoring the temperature and humidity inside the villa
  • Check the inside of the fridge, freezer, dryer and washing machine
  • Inspection for pests in- and outside the villa 
  • Checking the mailbox and forward this digitally
  • Monitor the activities of the cleaning, garden and pool staff


B. Once a month, we carry out an extensive check that includes the following extra tasks:

  • Turn on all the lights
  • Activate all the AC’s
  • Turn on the TV’s
  • Check the batteries of the remote controls
  • Flush the toilets, sinks, and showers
  • Airing of the villa by opening all (outside) doors
  • Check if the boiler provides hot water
  • Check the pressure of the boiler

2. Arrival and departure

Our priority is ensuring that you can relish every moment from the instant you arrive until your departure, enabling you to arrive and leave without any worries.

Here are some tasks you might consider:

Activities to prepare the villa for your arrival or after departure:

  • Open the shutters and blinds
  • Activate the AC’s for cooling/heating
  • Prepare the outdoor furniture, remove and store specific covers
  • Stock up on arrival groceries and store these*
  • Replenishing seasonal stock such as toilet paper, water, wine, etc.* 
  • Occasionally high-water pressure the terrace
  • Open and close the pool cover
  • (Electric) bike: inflate the tires, charge the batteries, and clean 
  • Place towels by the pool
  • Dispose the waste
  • Scooters and cars: inflate the tires, charge the batteries, refuel, and clean*
  • Wash, dry, and iron clothes/bedding
  • Descale/clean kitchen equipment
  • Place pest traps*
  • Activate and refill mosquito vaporizers*
  • Place the parasol outside and/or open the awnings

3. Our Personal Assistance (PA) services

    Our services within the Care provide a personal assistant experience, freeing you from numerous tasks and allowing more time for enjoyable activities. Some of these tasks are:

    • Making reservations at restaurants or for other activities like tennis lessons, massages etc.
    • Assistance with the French language
    • Ordering products and organising the transportation*
    • Receiving, picking up, and sending out mail/packages*
    • Administrative tasks such as storing quotes, invoices, certificates, and e-mails
    • Creating and updating the villa manual per client
    • Book a rental car*
    • Develop a log/warranty file with modifications/purchases per villa
    • Pet Care services
    • Managing the maintenance and technical check of your vehicles*
    • Organizing transportation of your vehicles to and from abroad*
    • Arrange a babysitter* 
    • Tips for undiscovered restaurants, hiking trails or other activities
    • Book a private (BBQ) chef*

    4. Our additional services 

      To unburden you even more, we offer even broader services for our Care clients that are additional and will be charged:

      • Organizing parties/friends' weekends 
      • Villa rental
      • Purchase and sale of villa('s)
      • Monitoring outsourced maintenance/renovations
      • Cleaning services
      • Charter a day boat 30 - 60 ft or even larger! 
      • Airport Transfers:
        • Saint-Tropez area to Toulon/ Mandelieu Airport
        • Saint-Tropez area to Nice Airport
        • Cannes area to Nice Airport  


      Every Service Agreement is personally plannend and discussed to meet up to -and even exceed- your needs and expectations. 

      Feel free to contact us for our

      Personalized and Custom Care options


      What is the difference between your Care and that of the current cleaner who "manages" the villa?

      We frequently hear about the existing cleaner managing the villa and wonder about our additional offerings. Naturally, this is not an insult to your current cleaner who probably goes beyond cleaning by occasionally handling grocery shopping, airport transfers, or changing light bulbs, an impressive array of services, indeed. However, what often goes unnoticed is their capacity to provide our extensive range of services, which we can also offer, partly due to our partnerships. Such as villa and vehicle maintenance, coordinating friends' weekends, arranging boat charters, and more.

      Can you also rent out and manage my villa?

      We're always open to exploring possibilities, although we don't consistently have a continuous stream of tenants actively seeking rental villas. Nevertheless, our Care serves as a unique addition to the tenant's experience.

      What if you have doubts about your current house manager?

      Unfortunately, in our initial discussions, these concerns often come up. Managing your property is all about trust, it involves entrusting a valuable possession where a part of your privacy is exposed. Moreover, the managing party should provide relief, and you shouldn't feel that you could handle it better on your own. If any of these aspects raise doubts, it's crucial not to delay, as you want to enjoy your property. Interacting with other parties is advisable. We can explain our approach, but also have the option for you to get in touch with one of our clients. Then you can ask questions to those who experience our Care

      How are you different from other management companies?

      Actually, the answer emerges through experiencing our Care. It embodies Dutch-quality service spanning across diverse countries. We always going the extra mile with our wide range of services, combining the hotel experience with technical offerings.

      Which nationalities do you manage villas for?

      We deliver our Care for various nationalities as long as the communication is going well. If there are communication barriers, it becomes challenging to stand next to the owner. Effective communication remains essential for transparent collaboration and meeting expectations.

      Why does your Care improve after one year instead of declining?

      It's often said that companies deliver good quality service for one year and then it declines.

      However, we see things differently as our Care improves over time. We become more acquainted with the owner's wishes and needs, continually sensing and addressing these. This allows us to act more in line with what you would have wanted and provide that extra step according to your preference or proactively handle situations as you would have done.

      I'm looking for a villa, can you help?

      Absolutely! With our reliable and extensive network, we quickly become aware of villas hitting the market or those already available. Also, with our knowledge we can provide guidance in the search for the perfect villa and location.

      What do you do in the offseason?

      During the winter season, we continue our weekly checks to monitor your villa and garden. Even in the offseason, you're welcome to visit of course, and we'll ensure your villa is ready for your stay. This time also allows for reflection and self-improvement, aiming to improve both ourselves and the service to maintain and exceed the desired quality.

      Do you collaborate with external parties for your Care services?

      Absolutely! We recognize the strength of a combination of local and Dutch partners. We work with local parties selected based on their working methods and quality to maintain the pool and garden and our cleaning service. The same goes for the maintenance of your Villa.